Rose Chocolates specialises in creating luxury, hand painted, artistic and beautifully personalised and crafted chocolates for our customers.  Most of our best selling chocolates have been personalised by working and creating  with you! 

Chocolate Art is a therapy to us its a way we can express our self through chocolate creating beautiful unique and personal designs for you.  Every design for each order is completely different, each chocolate is unique and exclusive for the customer.  It’s a creative way we are able to express our self and your ideas through our passion of food.  Each chocolate we create explores a different emotion and we try to evoke that for each of our customers.  Each personalised chocolate we create is a form of love, an ultimate gift, to enrich and enhance positivity, passion, joy, excitement, beauty and love. 

Whether this is the choosing colours, shapes, hand painted designs or edible gold.  Our personalised chocolates are the  ultimate luxury gift for birthdays, anniversaries, thank you gifts, seasonal occasions or more.  Rose Chocolates personalised gifts are perfect for anyone special or memorable in your life. 

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