Creating sublime, artistic, romantic, stylish, breath-taking, mouth-watering luxury chocolates for your luxury events, weddings, parties and experiences.

Rose Chocolates provides luxury, hand painted and unique chocolates for events/occasions.  We create authentic, creative and personalised chocolates,.  Our goal is for you to have beautiful, memorable chocolates for you and your guests to enjoy.  Our chocolates, are a emotional, visual and sensory experience from, the bursting divine taste, to the beautiful artistic designs of our chocolates.  Our chocolates are inspired by the world around us, inspired by your themes and your style.  Our chocolates are elegant, deluxe, artful, unique and aesthetic.  We help you add your individual style and ideas to create a chocolate that is elegant, bold, creative, meaningful, memorable and only belongs to you.  Planning your event should be a fun and beautiful experience, we want to make sure together we can extra touch with your chocolate favours/gifts

Our chocolates are the perfect favours/gifts to provide a ultimate event experience.  For all of our events/occasions we have either face to face/ emails or phone call chocolate consultations, discussing the services we can provide for you.

During your consultation we get to know more about you, your style, your planned themes and designs and what is significant to you.  Based on your style we discuss what chocolates we can create together.

Whether this is the colours, shapes, how they will be displayed, theme, hand painted designs, plating chocolate deserts, edible gold, boxes and more!

Our team has 5 years + experience of exploring finer details and pastry experience, also experience with artistic work, graphic design and more.

A truly incredible, luxury, divine, tasteful experience.

“The chocolates are absolutely stunning, they are absolutely beautiful, so beautiful you don’t want to eat them.  The chocolates complement everything in terms of the lay out, the flowers and theme.  Perfect!”

Robert and Sandra, Birmingham

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