We love to hear your feedback or help with any queries, below we have listed our most frequently asked questions, however, if we haven’t answered your question please get in touch.

Question Can you personalise your chocolate box?
AnswerYes definitely!  Most of our orders are customised by you!  We wanted to make sure you can create your own personal chocolate box with your favourite filings, but also the design of the chocolate.  Please see personalised gifts for more information or email at info@rosechocolates.co.uk
Question Do we do whole sale chocolates for companies?
AnswerYes, we create whole sale chocolate for companies.  Please contact us on info@rosechocolates.co.uk with more information.
Question Can we deliver orders to multiple addresses?
AnswerYes,, we can deliver to multiple addresses.  Please note we charge per address.  Please fill out our personalised gift form to pick which chocolate box you would like or email us at info@rosechocolates.co.uk with more information.
Question How will my chocolates be shipped?
AnswerWe package every order with utmost care to ensure your orders arrive to you safely.  We pack your order in recyclable postal boxes, and use extra protection if necessary.
Question How do I add a gift message to my order?
AnswerWe offer an optional free gift message to any order.  Please fill out the personalised gift form, with the box you would like, and will contact you further on personalising your box and your gift message, or please give us an email at info@rosechocolates.co.uk.
Question Are our chocolates suitable for vegans?
AnswerWe have a lot of products suitable for vegans. You can view allergen information on all products on the product pages.  Over 80% of our flavours are made from fresh, natural ingredients (see ingredients), ie fresh lemons or grounded cinnamon, all products we source contain no traces of milk.  We source our chocolate from Callebaut and Chocolat Madagascar, the 54% and 66.8% chocolate may contain traces of milk due to the factory it is made in.  The 70% chocolate is suitable for vegans, and soya free.  Some of our cocoa butter colouring may have traces of milk. Our chocolates are not certified by the vegan society but as vegetarians/vegans our self we take extra care into making sure our vegan chocolates are suitable for vegans.  You can also have chocolates without any colouring.  Please note that we make chocolates that do contain dairy in the same place, however we take precautions to make sure there is no cross contamination.
Question Do we cater for different allergens and dietary requirements?
AnswerYes, we do our best to make sure we cater for all.  We wanted to make sure we created chocolates with no added preservatives or added sugar.  We also create chocolates free from: wheat, milk, eggs, nuts, soya, also if you are allergic to coconut and would like the vegan filling we create chocolates with a different filling just for you.  If you have any questions please message us at info@rosechocolates.co.uk
Question Can you place orders in advance?
AnswerYes, you can.  If you need to order for a specific date please order 2 weeks minimum in advance.  Please fill out the form personalised gifts or email us at info@rosechocolates.co.uk with more information.
Question Do we do chocolates for company gifts?
AnswerYes we do! Are you interested in gifting your clients or employees, please email at info@rosechocolates.co.uk, or read and fill out the form at personalised gifts choosing the box you would like, and we will be in touch.
Question Do we make chocolates for events?
AnswerYes we do!  We make chocolates for weddings, anniversaries, engagement parties, birthdays, baby showers, company launches, company events and more.  For our events please order large quantity of chocolates a minimum of 1 month in advance, so we can ensure we can create this for you.  Please see more information on our events page.
Question Where and how do we make our chocolates?
AnswerAll our chocolates are handmade and homemade.  We have a 5 Star food hygiene rating and follow all rules in regards to food safety and food hygiene.  We take extra care into hand painting our chocolates to create a bespoke gift.


Question Where does our chocolate come from?
AnswerWe currently source our chocolate from callebaut and chocolat madagascar.  Callebaut reinvests and supports sustainable cocoa farming through the Cocoa Horizons Foundation.  Chocolat Madagasar invest into sustainable cocoa farming, and invest in raising the standard of living of their farmers
Question Should I keep my chocolates in the fridge?
AnswerThis depends on the temperature of the room. A cool dry place is always preferable to a fridge. If the room temperature is more than 18°C,  it may be best to put them in the fridge.  When you want to indulge in your chocolate allow it to return to room temperature before unwrapping and eating.
Question How long is our disptach process?
AnswerOur dispatch process is 2-14 working days , this is due to the fact we hand make all of our chocolates, which means hand painting each chocolate, freshly preparing and creating each filling.  We take pleasure in personalising each of our chocolates for each customers desirable taste, choosing feelings, chocolates, designs and more.  We do this to create personal and bespoke chocolates for our customers, our enjoyment is creating chocolates that is chosen for you or a special person, uplifts self care and bespoke to you!

We are only a small team, which means when we have a huge amount of orders that we greatly appreciate, this means it can take a longer time to process, this is why our processing time is 2-14 working days to cover us through these periods..