A Taste of Luxury

Rose Chocolates is a chocolate business that creates luxury, exquisite, divine, artistic, handmade, personalised and bespoke chocolates. We believe chocolates are a luxury treat.  We wanted to create chocolates that are a luxury treat to spoil yourself with whatever the occasion.  

Why a Taste of Luxury? 

Rose Chocolates believes luxury is measured by a persons own experiences.

We work with our customers to create chocolates that are personal for them, we want to add that special touch to your event or provide that ultimate gift!  We allow our customers to personalise the design, theme, colours, shapes, flavours and more!  This is to ensure our customers are creating a gift they love or a gift someone special would love.  We create chocolates for events, gifts, occasions and more. 

Our aim is to create chocolates that not only taste amazing but chocolates that are crafted beautifully.  We want our chocolates to evoke feelings in our customers, not only physically and mentally, but to make you generally feel better and elevate feelings in yourself and others.   We also use our chocolates to create chocolate art that holds underlying thoughtful messages, for example our Mother’s Day Chocolates that communicates the feeling of motherhood through spring fruits and flowers painted on chocolate macaroons.  We also create chocolates that represent the beauty around us for example our Eid Chocolate collection representing the beautiful architecture of The Kaaba.

The Founder of Rose Chocolates, Jonathon, is a pastry chef inspired by taking chocolate courses, with the passion of creating beautiful flavours and tastes of chocolate. Jonathon has worked in many places; hotels, restaurants, private member clubs such as Tom’s Kitchen, Blue Print, Charlotte Street Hotel, Hotel Cafe Royal,  The Hari, and more!

Justine is the content creator of Rose Chocolates, she is also the chocolate designer and hand paints the chocolate art.  She is also a paediatric nurse with the aim of putting her passion of trying to help heal and encourage feelings and expressions through chocolates. 

We take pride in creating a full experience from the box to your final taste.  

Featured Services

Personal Chocolate Consultations

Have a request? We provide personal chocolate consultations to make your gift extra special.


Planning a special event? We create bespoke and beautifully crafted chocolates that will bring your event to life.

The Founder's

Our aim is to sell chocolates that give you a full experience.  From opening the luxury box, to the attention to the beautiful and unique designs, to your first exquisite taste and lastly to your enhanced feelings after finishing the box. Every part of our products we take into consideration fine personal details to deliver a mindfully beautiful chocolate experience.

Jonathon Barnes & Justine Gray